The agent summed up the transfer of Arkadiusz Milik to Juventus. “Nobody Pushed Him Out of Marseille”

Przemysław Pańtak summed up Arkadiusz Milik’s move to Juventus. “It wasn’t a risk,” the agent said.

The Polish representative at the end of the transfer window moved to Turin from Olympique Marseille. He’s on loan for now, but Juventus has secured a permanent transfer.

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Milik successfully entered the new team. He has already scored three goals in her colors. His legacy should have been greater, but the Salernitana hit was unfairly denied.

A supporter of bringing Milik to Juventus was the coach Massimiliano Allegri. Pańtak emphasizes, however, that other key people in the club were favorable to the Pole.

– The entire management of the club viewed it positively. Arka is very much respected by sports director Federico Cherubini and Pavel Nedved, everything was influenced by many factors and a lot of people. And Arek helped this with his person and experience. Juventus assumed that his acclimatization would be easy, and as you can see it worked – said Pańtak in an interview with “”.

At first, it seemed Juventus had predicted Milik as Dusan Vlahovic’s replacement. It turns out, however, that both attackers can play together.

– Arek believes in himself and it was his will, he made the decision. Nobody forced him from Marseille. There was such an opportunity and Arek wanted to take advantage of it. Both Marseille and Juventus are great clubs, they play in the Champions League. It was not a risk, but a challenge to take. Rolling up the sleeves. Transfers by transfers, money with money, but in the end, the pitch shows the truth. And we can see that he and Vlahovic can also play together and complement each other – Pańtak summed up.

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