The 4-year-old drank yogurt through a metal straw. When he fell, she punctured the boy’s carotid artery

Four-year-old Charlie DeFraia sat on the front porch of his family home, sipping yogurt through a metal straw. At one point he lost his balance and fell to the ground. His 8-year-old sister started screaming as she saw her brother bleeding.

Charlie’s mother ran out of the house. – I saw blood on his face. I assumed that he hurt his nose or lip, or bit his tongue – said the 38-year-old, whose words are quoted by

Charlie’s father slapped him in the back. Then a blood clot spilled out of the boy’s mouth. The family called an ambulance. The boy was slowly bleeding out on the front lawn of his house.

As paramedics were taking the four-year-old to the ambulance, the woman noticed a metal straw lying in a pool of blood. It turned out that she had pierced the boy’s carotid artery. Doctors fought against time – they had to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. They used stents to reconstruct the damaged artery. The boy was put into a pharmacological coma. After some time, his condition stabilized.

The doctors concluded that the boy’s brain damage was minor. There was a concern that the four-year-old might lose his memory, but nothing of the sort happened. However, long motor therapy and speech therapy await him.


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