The 27-year-old rapper committed suicide due to mobilization for war with Ukraine

A rapper from Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia, Ivan Pietunin committed suicide due to mobilization for a war with Ukraine, the regional portal reported. The 27-year-old musician in a farewell recording said that he was not ready to take the sin of murder.

The body of the musician was found near a multi-story apartment block, the portal said on Friday.

Earlier, Pietunin published a recording on social media in which he announced that intends to commit suicide due to mobilization. He explained that although he was entitled to a postponement due to an earlier stay in a psychiatric clinic, he was convinced that the partial mobilization announced in Russia would become universal.

I cannot and do not want to take the sin of murder upon my soul. I’m not ready to kill for any ideas“said Pietunin.

The musician, who used the artistic pseudonym Walkie, on the same day published his new album, informed the portal

Russian President Vladimir Putin has released September 21 decree on partial mobilization for the war with Ukraine and threatened to “use all means” to defend Russia from an alleged threat from the West. According to official reports from the Kremlin, he is to be called under arms about 300 thousand reservistsbut according to the independent portal Meduza, mobilization may involve up to 1.2 million men, mainly from outside large cities.

After the mobilization is announced, tens of thousands of Russians are trying to avoid being drafted into the army and leave the country. People fleeing service in the army try to get through, among others to Finland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Georgia.

Protests against the decision of the head of state are also ongoing in Russia. Attacks on military stations are also recorded.

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