That’s how they cheat in chess. Invisible ear muffs, “bug” in the shoe

  • In recent weeks, chess became famous mainly because of Magnus Carlsen, who accused Hans Moke Niemann of foul play.
  • In the past, the toilet and the telephone helped cheat. As technology advances, new ways to cheat emerge
  • Special systems can quickly find better solutions even from the best chess grandmaster
  • For the best players, a little help at key moments is enough
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Magnus Carlsen considers Hans Moke Niemann a trickster, wrote this in a special statement. The American vehemently denied using prohibited methods. He noted that he had done it in the past, but not on a large scale. suspended Niemann, claiming that the extent of his cheating was much greater. The fans are starting to wonder How is it possible that the player cheated in chess and no one noticed?

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The software can choose the best moves

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