That’s how much Leroy Merlin pays his employees. How does it compare with the competition?

2022-08-18 09:27

2022-08-18 09:27

That's how much Leroy Merlin pays his employees.  How does it compare with the competition?
That's how much Leroy Merlin pays his employees.  How does it compare with the competition?
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Leroy Merlin is looking for new employees. The network announced the salaries awaiting candidates for individual positions. Do they pay more or less compared to other supermarkets?

Leroy Merlin advertises her recruitment on billboards, the portal informed about The French construction network announced the salary range for individual employees with the announcement.

Hence, we can learn that the cashier at Leroy Merlin can count on gross salaries of PLN 3,610 to 4,400. In the case of a client advisor, the remuneration ranges from PLN 3810 to PLN 5100 gross. The warehouse keeper / logistics specialist will receive from PLN 3,900 to 5,500 gross.

The rates are influenced not only by the position, but also by the location of the store. However, when looking at the conditions in the other big trade reps, these salaries look competitive.

How much do they pay in Biedronka?

After Biedronka’s recent plans to open stores on non-trading Sundays, dissatisfaction among employees has increased. As reported by trade unions operating on the network, if the employer does not decide to grant a PLN 500 net increase, some staff may leave for competing networks.

An employee exodus may also occur because Biedronka does not offer the highest rates in the industry. According to information published by the network at the beginning of the year, salespeople / cashiers start from PLN 3,460 to PLN 3800 gross for people without experience, while those with three years of experience can count on salaries from PLN 3600 to PLN 4050 gross.

Warehouse workers in Biedronka earn from PLN 3800 to PLN 4100 gross, and the administrative and warehouse inspectors – from PLN 4650 to PLN 4950 gross. The store manager “in the worst case” will get PLN 5100 gross.

How much do they pay in Lidl?

In the case of beginner cashiers / sellers in the German discount network, the earnings range from PLN 3,550 to PLN 4,350 gross. After a year, employees can count on a raise, getting the amount on the bar from 3,650 to 4,550 PLN gross. After two years in this position, the remuneration ranges from PLN 3,900 to PLN 4,800 gross.

On the other hand, warehouse workers without experience will earn from PLN 3,750 to PLN 4,500 gross, so that after a year the spread will increase to PLN 4,100 to PLN 4,700 gross. After two years, the rates for this position range from PLN 4,300 to PLN 5,150 gross.

How much do they pay in Kaufland?

In the case of the sister chain from the German Schwarz Group, to which Lidl also belongs, the employer only provided upper salary levels for individual positions. Hence, we can find out that the highest salaries for a cashier / salesman in Kaufland are PLN 4,500 gross. However, it is not known what the lowest stake is and what the allocation of more money depends on.



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