Thailand. Myanmar. Burma. Mulan’s tropical depression resulted in downpours and floods. “Water broke into the streets and into people’s homes”

The tropical depression of Mulan has brought heavy rainfall on the border between Thailand and Burma. The rain was so heavy that the dam in the Shan state was broken, local media reported.

Flood waters flooded over two thousand households in the city of Mae Sai in Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Rai, as well as in the border town of Tachilek in Myanmar, local Thai PBS media reported.

Thai authorities said Friday that a dam 37 kilometers north of the border had been breached, and that the level of the Sai River was rising sharply. There was a flood.

“The dykes along the river that once kept the water level under control have been breached and water has burst into the streets and into people’s homes,” said Narongphol Kidarn, Mayor of Mae Sai. “The water was waist and chest in some places,” he added.

Flooded streets

Thai PBS TV showed relief personnel wading through flooded streets to distribute food to people stuck in homes in Mae Sai. There were no reports of victims.

On Saturday, Thailand’s National Water Command Center issued a warning that torrential rains in Laos could cause the Mekong River’s water level to rise by up to two meters between August 14-18.

Floods in Thailand

Floods in Thailand Reuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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