Teams from outside Europe will play for the new European Super Cup?

From the 2024/25 season, there will be changes in the UEFA competition, led by the Champions League. As a reminder, the number of participants will increase from 32 to 36, and the group stage with eight groups will be replaced by the league stage with a common table. Each club will play 8 matches, after which the best eight will advance to the 1/8 finals, and teams from places 9-24. will play for promotion in the 1/16 final.

In May, the agency AP and in June L’Équipe reported that the Federation was thinking more and more about organizing the so-called Opening Fouri.e. a mini-tournament of four teams, which would open the football season in Europe instead of the European Super Cup.

For today, the Champions League and Europa League winners are facing the Super Cup. The first planes described in the spring assumed that the mini-tournament, which would be taken outside Europe, would be played by the champions of the Champions League, Europa League and the Conference League, UEFA’s newest games. L’Équipe emphasized that the idea for such games had already been sent to TV broadcasters with an invitation to fight for the rights to broadcast UEFA games in the 2024-2027 cycle. The basis of the tournament was “a match between the champion from last season and three other very successful clubs”.

English now Guardian informs you in favor of PA Media Groupthat negotiations on such a tournament are underway and the idea was raised in the discussions that the stake of three European champions should be supplemented by a champion from the country organizing the tournament outside Europe. As the first games would be played in the United States, which is UEFA’s main marketing and financial goal today, it would be the last Major League Soccer winner in these cases.

The journal adds that as long as there are still no serious talks on the matter taking Champions League matches outside of Europe, as reported this week The Athleticthe idea of ​​reforming the European Super Cup is gaining momentum from the summer of 2024, because it would mean much more income for the Federation and clubs.

The article also mentions that this is only part of UEFA’s development plans, because the Federation is also thinking of moving some of the cup matches to weekends or concerts before and during their breaks, following the example of the largest American leagues. Talks on all these topics are to be held today and tomorrow at the European Club Association meeting in Istanbul.

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