Tax on inheritance from parents – how to settle?

  • The legal act regulating tax matters is the Act on Inheritance and Donation Tax. The amount of tax depends on the tax group to which the buyer belongs
  • In the case of joint inheritance of the inheritance by the children and the testator’s spouse, the inheritance is shared by each of these persons in equal parts
  • In order for members of tax group I to be released from the obligation to pay the public levy, they must meet certain conditions. After receiving the inheritance, the person has 6 months to report this fact to the Tax Office on the SD-Z2 form

There are two types of inheritance in Polish law:

  • testamentary – in a situation where the deceased person left a will in which he declared his will to transfer the inheritance; a will always takes precedence over inheritance regulations according to the Civil Code,
  • statutory – in the event that the testator did not appoint an heir in the will; then the inheritance is based on the provisions of the law.

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