Table of calculating pensions in 2023. Check the projected pensions after indexation. Gross and net calculation 23/09/2022

Indexation of pensions in 2023. See what the predictions are. Will the pensions indexation be double-digit? After the March indexation, the rates of pensions will change. This is how much pensioners will get in 2023. See the calculation table – gross and net rates. Check the forecasted pensions after indexation.

Pursuant to the provisions of law, pensions must be indexed every year. The indexation of pensions takes place every March to compensate for the decline in their value against the prices of more expensive goods. The talks on the indexation of 2023 are already beginning. What will pensions look like after the March indexation of 2023? See forecasts.

Indexation in 2022. The pension indexation rate was 107%. So each retirement benefit has been increased by% relative to the previous one. What will it be like in 2023?

Initial plans are as follows. The government has proposed a 9.7 percent increase in pensions in 2023. This is the minimum expected rate. However, it may turn out that the indicator will be two-digit. The final decision on what the pensions will be after the indexation in 2023 will be announced at the end of January.


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