Szymon Majewski on the return of TVP. What was brought to him?

Szymon Majewski revealed to us that he got a job offer from TVP when it was under the rule of Jacek Kurski. He immediately refused and told the reporter Jastrząb Post about the details. He also mocked the Macademian Girl.

Szymon Majewski has extensive professional experience. He has worked for the largest television stations and radio stations. He was supposed to lead such hits as Idol if I am what I amwhich he eventually gave up. Manufacturers banged doors and windows at him after he made a great debut in TVP – In 1994 he made his debut with talk show appearances An evening with Alicefor which he then ran the program Word cutting bending.

The breakthrough for his career were programs made for TVN. Got you and Szymon Majewski Show they broke records of popularity. No wonder that as soon as he left the ranks of the station, he was offered a job by the newly appointed president TVP Jacek Kurski.

Majewski told the reporter Jastrząb Post that the former director of public television was seeking to return the showman to his former workplace. This one, however, was adamant.

Szymon Majewski about the job offer with TVP

Szymon does not hide that his phone is constantly ringing and job offers are flowing in a wide stream:

I receive some offers from time to time. A few years ago Kurski called me, but never in my life. TVP it’s not my address for a long time and never will be.

What offers did Szymon receive from Jacek Kurski?

It was prime-time, some talk shows or something. But people had just started being thrown out of there, even the weather forecasts did not match the weather forecast, which should be more to the right. I think to myself that I am already difficult to handle. Anyone know it, even Mr. Edward. I must have something of my own.

What would have to happen for Simon to decide to return to television?

First they would have to ask a lot, then say yes, yes you can come and do whatever you want, and at most we will change something slightly.

Will Szymon change his decision now, when Jacek Kurski has been recalled from the position of president? In response to the question, Majewski taunted Tamara Gonzalez Perey:

There must be airing and fuming a long time after that. Maybe Macademian Girl will incense with some of his drums for at least two years, but this is for sure after changing the team.

What would Majewski possibly see himself in?

It might even be a game show to me, but it should be sexy. It must be something that will be author’s, mine. I don’t know if an era has passed and if there is a place for something like that. I take the space, I do it my way. I am such a dog that needs to splash a tree a bit, and some people don’t like them. They like to give a script, they will say – you have a script here, read on. And I don’t.

TVP comments on the words of Szymon Majewski

What about that TVP? Nobody officially wants to comment on Szymon Majewski. Unofficially, we only heard these words:

We must admit that Szymon Majewski is right, he is difficult to cooperate with and conflicts with almost every TV station. Such a personal charm, which means that nobody cares for him – a person associated with the station tells us.

Are you fans of Szymon?

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