Sweden. Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson resigned

Sweden’s social democratic prime minister Magdalena Andersson resigned after the victory of the opposition right-wing bloc in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. The new parliament will meet on September 26. The procedure for selecting a new prime minister usually takes around 19 days.

– It’s not about me, but about Sweden Andersson announced when asked by journalists what she felt when she gave up power. Formally, Andersson submitted the document of her resignation to the chairman of the Riksdag (parliament), Andreas Norlen, whose role is to conduct talks on the selection of a candidate for the new head of government. Norlen said in a statement that he was giving politicians time to think and that he would start meetings with party leaders the following week.

The Riksdag meets on September 26 to elect the chairman of the chamber. On September 27, a solemn inauguration of the new parliamentary term is planned with the participation of the King of Sweden, Charles XVI Gustaf.

Magdalena AnderssonPAP / EPA / TIM ARO / TT SWEDEN OUT

The mission of forming a government will be entrusted to a politician who has a chance to be approved by the parliamentary majority. It does not have to be one of the leaders of the largest parties. It is not known how long it will take to form a government. Generally it is about 19 days, although four years ago the formation of the Social Democrat government took as long as four months. However, this was due to the lack of clear blocks and coalitions.

Ulf Kristersson is a candidate for Prime Minister

The opposition’s candidate for prime minister is the leader of the liberal-conservative Moderate Coalition Party, Ulf Kristersson. The party has been conducting coalition talks with Christian Democracy and Liberals since Monday, although the full election results have not yet been known. Even in the campaign, it was announced that the anti-immigrant party Swedish Democrats would not join the government, but it won more votes than the Moderate Coalition Party and would demand that Kristersson implement its program. This can complicate discussions about creating a new surgery.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, resigned PAP / EPA / TIM ARO / TT SWEDEN OUT

Andersson stressed that should Kristersson fail to form a government, she is ready to talk to the Moderate Coalition Party on cooperation so that the Swedish Democrats do not have any influence on the country’s rulers.

Parliamentary elections in Sweden

According to the still unsatisfactory results in Sunday’s elections, the bloc of right-wing opposition parties won 176 seats in parliament, and the Workers’ Party – Social Democrats, which ruled Sweden for eight years, won a total of 173 seats together with three other parties.

Social Democrats, who obtained the support of 30.3% (107 seats) will remain the largest party in parliament. The second result was obtained by the Swedish Democrats 20.5 percent. (73 seats), and only the third Moderate Coalition Party 19.1 percent. (68 seats).

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / TIM ARO / TT SWEDEN OUT

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