Sweden, parliamentary elections. Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson recognizes the defeat and announces her resignation

These are not the final results of the elections, but the prime minister has already acknowledged his defeat. Magdalena Andersson, after converting 99 percent of the votes in Sweden, announced that she would resign from the head of government. According to incomplete results, the election was won by the right-wing bloc.

After Sunday’s parliamentary elections, both the prime minister and the head of the social democrats Magdalena Andersson and the leader of the right-wing opposition, Ulf Kristersson of the Moderate Coalition Party, refrained from announcing victory or recognizing defeat.

On Sunday night, after counting 94 percent of the vote, a small majority was won by the right-wing bloc with the liberal-conservative Moderate Coalition Party, receiving 176 seats in the 349-seat parliament.

Magdalena AnderssonPAP / EPA / JESSICA GOW

Andersson: I’m going to resign

On Wednesday it was confirmed that after converting 99 percent. votes in the right-wing block, the liberal-conservative Moderate Coalition Party won 19.1 percent, anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats won 20.6 percent, Christian Democrats – 5.3 percent, and Liberals – 4.6 percent. The same day in the evening Andersson recognized her failure in the elections.

– Tomorrow I will resign to the speaker of parliament – the former head of the government announced at the conference. She added that until the new government is formed, she will remain the head of the outgoing government. Then she announced that she would lead the social democratic opposition.

The prime minister stated that if the opposition candidate Ulf Kristersson of the liberal-conservative Moderate Coalition Party fails to form a government, she is ready to form a majority. Then the social democracy would have to convince one of the right-wing parties to cooperate.

Andersson also expressed her dissatisfaction with the Swedish Democrats’ outstanding record, which has become the second-largest party in parliament and will influence the new government. – Many fear that it will be the target of attacks. I share this view, she admitted.

The Workers ‘Social Democrats’ party lost power after Sunday’s elections despite gaining 30.4 percent of the vote, an increase of over 2 percent. compared to the previous elections four years ago. However, other groups cooperating with the Social Democrats fell below forecasts. The Center Party won 6.7%, the Left Party – 6.7%, and the Environmental Protection Party – the Greens – 5.1%.

Up to two times a piece

Andersson took over as head of government in November 2021, following the resignation of Stefan Lofven. She became the first female prime minister Sweden. On that day, however, she resigned after six hours when the Environmental Protection Party – the Greens announced her departure from the government. The decision of the Greens was the result of the adoption by the parliament of the budget for 2022 of the opposition right-wing parties, which, among other things, announced a reduction in the tax on gasoline.

A few days later, in another vote, Magdalena Andersson obtained the least support required – the majority of MPs were “in favor” or “abstained”. Ulf Kristersson of the Moderate Coalition Party then called the new Swedish government “the weakest since 1978”.

Magdalena AnderssonPAP / EPA / Jonas Ekstromer

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / JESSICA GOW

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