Sunday trafficking in crime? Piotr Duda has had enough and has already sent a letter to Zbigniew Ziobro

The portal has reached the letter in which the chairman of the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarność”, Piotr Dudaasked the Minister of Justice and the Public Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Ziobrowith a request to “carry out checking activities or to initiate criminal proceedings against persons who persistently and maliciously entrust employees with activities related to trading on Sunday and holidays”.

In the letter, trade unions admit that, according to their information, many companies open their stores on Sundays and public holidays, thus taking advantage of the exemption from the trade ban. Piotr Duda even gives specific examples. We have already written many times about various ways of entrepreneurs to circumvent the Sunday trade ban. For example, some of their institutions transform into a store with a train station, others into a reading room, others into a medical facility or sports equipment rental.

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Therefore, the chairman of “Solidarity” wants to tighten the regulations to bypass commercial establishments ban on Sunday tradingwere punished more severely. In the letter, Piotr Duda cites experts who indicate that such behavior of entrepreneurs is an offense under the current law.

“Moreover, the fine imposed at that time is so low that the income obtained by entrepreneurs from trading on Sundays more than compensates it. Colloquially speaking, it is profitable for entrepreneurs to” break the law ” writes to Zbigniew Ziobra Piotr Duda.

Therefore, the head of “Solidarity” calls for a tightening of the law so that entrepreneurs who break the ban on Sunday trading will be held criminally liable as for a crime. Such cases would be handled by the prosecutor.



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