Summit talks – Russia is losing its greatest allies. “Good news for everyone”

The 77th session of the UN General Assembly is held in New York. World leaders speak loudly about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine would submit to the UN a proposal to create a special tribunal to judge Russian crimes and award compensation to Ukraine. He added that the aggressor should be stripped of his voting rights in the United Nations, including the right of veto in the Security Council. Marcin Wrona, who is reporting on the course of the session, said that he noticed that the attitude of world leaders is changing and those who have been restrained in their reactions to Russian aggression now do not avoid “harsher words” about Russia. – It is important that Ukraine and this conflict dominate here – assessed Wrona. As he added, this is also because countries that are geographically very far away from wars also “fell victim to this conflict through the food crisis.” According to Jacek Stawiski, what is happening in Ukraine has become the central axis of international politics. – This is good news for Ukraine. This is good news for all allies of Ukraine, said Stawiski. He pointed out that, for example, India and China were no longer “enthusiastic supporters of the Kremlin’s actions”. – It turns out that it is not so easy to do business with Russia bypassing Western sanctions, because you can fall into a sanctions spiral. When doing business with Russia, for example, by shrugging your shoulders at the applicable Western, American, European, Canadian, Japanese, and Canadian sanctions, you can get into trouble yourself, because you can be subject to sanctions – Stawiski mentioned.

TVN24 journalists, in addition to the conduct of the UN assembly, also commented on Putin’s last speech and the effects of the announcement of mobilization in Russia.

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