Sugar limits in the next chain. Here you can only buy 3 kg

Carrefour introduced greater restrictions. According to, it is a product of the own brand of the “Cukier White” chain, produced by S├╝dzucker Polska SA

The cost of one kg of the product is PLN 5.49, although a dozen or so days ago, the price of goods for an online order was PLN 3.99.

As we wrote on – Polish stores lack sugar, despite the fact that producers assure that there is an abundance of it. Poles went shopping for fear that there would be a shortage of sugar or that it would become very expensive. As a result, the stores began to ration the goods. Why is this happening?

If something may be missing, it becomes more desirable. Women all over the world are crazy about one of the most famous handbags by Hermes in the world. This is because you had to sign up for it. The ladies waited two years for their dream purse. The mechanism of the pursuit of what is little is one issue. On the other hand, the lack of sugar in Poland is exactly the same as with fuel, pasta and toilet paper at the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Crisis situations evoke emotions and drive demand. We stockpile to prepare for a bad time. We remember it from the communist eraexplained Dr. Beata Rajba, a psychologist from the University of Lower Silesia.

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