Success Dwarf Fortress. Half a million copies in less than a month

Success Dwarf Fortress.  Half a million copies in less than a month

Success Dwarf Fortress. Half a million copies in less than a month

The 20-year-old game breaks record after record. Players literally rushed to the new version of Dwarf Fortress and thus the legendary production “wrings” an excellent result in its first month.

Creators Dwarf Fortress they can open champagne, although looking at the financial results, they might as well open a whole champagne factory. The new version of the game has debuted December 6, 2022. and on the first day sold approx 160 thousand copy. Of course, this result is outdated.

In mid-December, there was talk of 300,000. copies sold, which according to unofficial calculations – is equivalent to the amount of USD 9 million. Valve withholds 30 percent, leaving $6 million to be split between the Adams brothers, the publisher, and new associates. But this result is also in the past.

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These numbers are impressive

In the pages bay12forums another edition of the cyclical report better known as The Bay 12 Games Report. The creators inform that in December it was sold “almost 500,000 copies which is amazing”. Unfortunately, “specific numbers” are still missing, but these will appear soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped in December!

The launch went great – we won’t know the exact numbers until mid-February, because the data will be processed by Valve and Kitfox, but the game sold almost half a million copies in December, which is amazing.

The Bay 12 Games Report, January 2023

Plans for the near future

It was also announced that soon the ranks of the creators will be supplemented by another programmer, which will help eliminate errors and introduce corrections to Dwarf Fortress. And patches and updates are coming and there will be many.

Sebastian Barysz, journalist of Polygamia

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