Subsidies for fertilizers. What date of purchase of fertilizers may entitle to receive subsidies in the second call?

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Date of publication 25.08.2022.

Will there be subsidies for fertilizers?

The current situation on the fertilizer market is dramatic. Consequences of the suspension of the production of nitrogen fertilizers by the main production companies of this industry in Poland: Grupa Azoty and Anwil due to the high cost of gas will be tragic. Until now, autumn was the time when farmers supplied nitrogen fertilizers, which were used in the spring.

Unfortunately, the already high prices nitrogen fertilizers with they will surely increase even more. There will be a reduction in the use of fertilizers, and thus a reduction in agricultural production, which will cause an increase in food prices for consumers, inflation and difficulties in buying food, especially for the poorest consumers.

Farmers are not reassured by Henryk Kowalczyk’s assurances, that there is nothing to be afraid of, because there will be no shortage of fertilizers in Poland.

Therefore, the National Council of Agricultural Chambers believes that fertilizer subsidies should be restarted and appeals to the government to do so. The chambers propose that the subsidies should concern fertilizers purchased from September 1 this year. by the end of 2022which would allow farmers to reduce costs and nitrogen plants to start production.

Subsidies for fertilizers: what about farmers who bought fertilizers before September 1?

It turns out that some farmers will not be satisfied with such a deadline. Why? Because, fearing problems with availability, they purchased fertilizers right after Grupa Azoty and Anwil stopped production. Since August 23, distributors have been observing a very high interest in fertilizers and increased purchases – at least in those points where fertilizers are still available. Thus, those who bought fertilizers before September 1 and cannot apply for subsidies will be disadvantaged.

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