Subsidies for energy and gas for entrepreneurs

The Ministry of Development and Technology has prepared a draft act on the rules for the implementation of entrepreneur support programs in connection with the situation on the energy market in 2022-2024. The government accepted him on Tuesday. At that time, Waldemar Buda, the minister of development, said that still this year the government plans to subsidize some of the costs of purchasing energy and gas incurred by the most energy-intensive enterprises. Now the bill is in the Sejm. It will make it possible to adopt an aid program on condition that it is approved by the Union. Importantly, the project does not only talk about energy-intensive companies. Unfortunately, the justification is limited to them.

The draft introduces the possibility for the Council of Ministers to adopt aid programs in order to provide financial support to specific groups of entrepreneurs in the case of which running a business is at risk due to the dynamic increase in the costs of doing business, resulting from the situation on the energy market – we read in the justification. The government for entrepreneurs will prepare aid programs in the form of a resolution. The support will be granted at the request of the entrepreneur, to cover the increased costs of running a business by increasing the prices of electricity and natural gas. The government resolution will also specify the amount of the budget. When the total amount of aid from applications that meet its criteria exceeds the maximum limit of funds, the support will be proportionally reduced so that the total amount does not exceed the limit. The program will not be adopted until the European Commission adopts additional guidelines. Then the program will have to be notified by the European Commission. And until the positive decision of the Commission, the aid will not be paid.

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