Strong words of the minister of sport regarding Michniewicz. “Several journalists deserve to be prosecuted”

Kamil Bortniczuk gave an interview in the “Wprost” magazine. The Minister of Sport spoke about the controversy related to Czesław Michniewicz.

Behind the coach there is a case from the time when he was the coach of Lech Poznań. The 52-year-old has never been charged with corruption, but at the welcome conference in the Polish national team he was asked by Szymon Jadczak, a journalist from “Wirtualna Polska”, how he feels about the fact that he was leading the team in the sold game against Świt Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki . The coach replied that the journalist was speaking suitable for the prosecution.

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Then a journalist of the portal “Wirtualna Polska” collected information on the connections between Michniewicz and Ryszard Forbrich ps. “Hairdresser” who was the boss of the soccer mafia. This is especially true of contacts before or after matches that have been sold.

In response, the selector announced that he would fight for his good after the World Cup name in court. Earlier, the trainer’s lawyer announced that Szymon Jadczak would stay defendant for defamation.

I believe that several journalists deserved to be penalized. I won’t point out the names, but I have several types. Journalists can break people’s lives with their activities, so they should be responsible for their words. Maybe not necessarily a prison sentence, but the Criminal Code is not only a prison – said Kamil Bortniczuk when asked about the whole matter in an interview with the “Wprost” weekly.

I myself have repeatedly been the target of unjustified journalistic attacks that resulted from anonymous information, but I do not want to talk about myself, because this is the worst solution – there are more vivid evidence that in Poland there is a problem with responsibility for the word – continued the Minister of Sports.

I am glad that, in the end, Michniewicz has, as I put it, “World Cup room”, but I had no part in it. All football people should focus in the near future on the best possible preparation of the national team for the World Cup. And the articles in question, in terms of facts, were a collection of information known for years – added Bortniczuk.

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