Strong words of Marek Papshun. He criticizes the rules in force in Ekstraklasa. “It cripples Polish football”

Marek Papszun is the enemy of the youth’s duty to play in Ekstraklasa. In his opinion, such a provision cripples Polish football.

Before this season, the method of enforcing the obligation to play young footballers in Ekstraklasa was changed. Instead of a strict order to have one youth on the pitch, a time limit was introduced that players born in 2001 and younger must play in each team. It is 3000 minutes. If the club does not fulfill this obligation, it will receive a financial penalty.

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It seems that it is threatening Rakow Częstochowa. So far, the youth players in his colors have played only 706 minutes. This is the second worst result in the league.

– The willingness to bet on young people is one thing, and football skills are another. It will be a great pleasure for me to field the youth players, provided that they present themselves better than the older players. Otherwise it would be unfair, it would kill the competition. There are not too many players in Raków’s squad who meet the requirements of the rule, because we do not have the appropriate number of players of this age with a certain quality – explains Marek Papszun in the weekly “Soccer Nożna”.

The coach of the Polish runners-up is a definite opponent of the discussed provision. In his opinion, it harms more than helps.

– The rule about the obligation to play a youth game is simply stupid. It’s not developing these guys. He cripples the Polish ball said the Pope.

– We have specific sports goals in Częstochowa. It is insanely difficult to find a young player who will have the football quality required in Raków, combining betting on young players with the result is not an easy matter. I am not interested in beautiful slogans. One of the clubs shouted that the rule on the obligation to play a youth player must be maintained, and currently it does not meet the limit. When it burns, when there are no results, the youth is no longer so important – summed up the coach of Raków.

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