Stock exchange obligations to the basket. There is a decision of the Seym

264 deputies voted for the lifting of the obligation, 34 were against, 134 abstained.

The project assuming the abolition of the so-called The power exchange obligation, i.e. the obligation to sell produced electricity on the Polish Power Exchange, appeared on September 28. A day later it was already passed by the Seym. Interestingly, it was Law and Justice in 2019 that introduced regulations that forced energy producers to sell 100 percent. electricity on the TGE. Previously, the obligation was 30 percent. (until 2017 it was 15%).

Government project to abolish the obligation

The draft submitted to the Sejm, which the government adopted by circulation on September 28, primarily concerns coal and gas-based electricity producers. As a result, electricity suppliers will not have to buy energy on the exchangedirect contracts will be possible.

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