Steven Seagal visiting “Putin’s soldier”. “I saw thousands of Nazis in Ukraine”

Seagal not so much does not hide his sympathies towards the Kremlin, but even supports the war in Ukraine. Appeared in Olenivka prison, where the Russians tortured the captured Ukrainian soldiers and probably killed several dozen of them. Although – according to Soloviev – the Ukrainians were to commit “atrocities” there.

“Moscow spokesmen have pulled out what they consider to be one of their great weapons: Steven Seagal. Here is what. a few points from his appearance on state television today where he spread Kremlin propaganda as if there was no tomorrow“- wrote Julia Davis on Twitter.

She also posted a nearly 10-minute recording.

I saw thousands of Nazis, they said (…) they love to kill people. They had loads of tattoos, and the ones with the Flag were most important to them. The Nazis have not left Ukraine since World War II The actor said.

He also spoke about the great threat to Russia from NATO, warning, inter alia, against Poland, Germany or the USA.

The need to create a documentary is the effect of – as Seagal said – great disinformation in the media. In his opinion, there are troll farms that are supposed to spread fake news online (which are “more dangerous than nuclear missiles”) about the war in Ukraine. Believes that for an explosion in a POW camp in Olenivka in eastern Ukraine Kyiv responds, which used the HIMARS missile for this purpose. – I saw the remains of those missiles – he said on the vision.

We want NATO to fall from here and allow Ukraine to become a neutral state Seagal added. He called Russophobia – including the American media – “part of this war.” “They believe disinformation is vital to life,” he explained.

He stressed that he was “objective” about the war in Ukraine and approached it diplomatically. – I am not on any side. Let the people and the evidence speak for themselves – He said.

I am russian. It is my house He said when Solovyov asked him why he had returned to Russia.

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