Steam Deck 2 Confirmed! Valve mentions another iteration of successful hardware

Steam Deck is definitely a piece of equipment that can be viewed positively. It has its bugs, of course, and for many its biggest downside is its very limited availability, but it’s still a solid console and the best attempt at porting a PC to a mobile version. And in addition to practically full compatibility with the Valve platform itself, we have access to a really large number of games assigned to our account.

As it turns out, the creators do not intend to rest on their laurels and leave things to go on on their own. In a special e-book that appeared with the launch of the handheld in Asia, Steam Deck 2 has been confirmed (this is not the official name of course) and it will be created taking into account the comments sent by the owners of the current iteration of the hardware. The next version is to be even more open, and that’s always good news:

This is a multi-generation product line. Valve will support Steam Deck and SteamOS for the foreseeable future. From the Steam community, we will learn about new uses for our hardware that we have not yet thought of, and we will build new versions to be even more open and efficient than the original one.

Well, you have to be fully aware of that this is definitely intriguing newsthat makes you optimistic. It remains to be hoped that the premiere will indeed turn out to be successful, and the equipment that we will receive in practice will be at least a little more successful than the current one – after all, progress must continue. Let me know how you view such a promise from the creators and whether you will be tempted to the next iteration.

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