Speedway: Poland has announced the squad for the European Championship. It looks like a pogrom

The European Under-23 Team Championship is being held for the second time. Formally DME are the heir of DMEJ up to 19 years old, and later played up to 21 years old.

However, there are fewer and fewer young players in Europe and therefore FIM Europe decided to raise the age to 23, so de facto, these are no longer competitions for juniors, but for seniors. The first such final was held in Latvia last year. Now it’s time for the second edition in Poland.

Four teams that will run in the final in Tarnów have just announced their lineups. The Poles designated the strongest group, headed by Dominik Kubera (he will be the reserve). All our players ride in PGE Ekstriga on a daily basis. Our result may therefore oscillate around the maximum number – 60 points (there are 20 races).

The other teams should absolutely not threaten us. Even the British who reached for their Grand Prix revelation, i.e. Daniel Bewley.

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