Spain has passed a new law on sexual consent

The Spanish congress passed “just so means yes” laws that followed the gang rape of a “pack of wolves” in 2016, the Guardian said. The new law was backed by 205 MPs. 141 people were against, while 3 abstained.

“This is a victorious day after many years of struggle,” said Irene Montero, Minister for Equality. – From now on, no woman will have to prove the use of violence or intimidation – she added.

According to the new law, passivity and silence are no longer treated as consent to sex.

“If the victim says” no “, that is,” no “, and if he does not say” yes “, he also means” no “, explained Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during one of the parliamentary debates on the bill.

Among the opponents of the new law are politicians from the conservative People’s Party and the far-right Vox. They believe that the “Only so means yes” law does not guarantee the presumption of innocence and penalizes men. In their opinion, the new definition of consent to sexual intercourse is unclear.

Under the new regulations, an aggravating factor is considered to be the aggressor’s partner or former partner of the victim.

The current rules follow a gang rape in 2016. Five men then raped an 18-year-old woman during a bull racing festival in Pamplona. In court it was argued that the video footage from male phones showing the woman stationary and eyes closed during the attack was evidence of consent.

Soon after, a 14-year-old was gang raped. The men received a lighter sentence because the victim was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. And although Hizpania has raised the age of consent from 13 to 16, sexual activity with minors can still be considered sexual abuse, not sexual aggression.

Under the new law, the difference between sexual abuse and sexual aggression, i.e. rape, disappears.

Sources: The Guardian, PAP

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