Spain. Another exhumation of the remains of Frankist leaders from the period of the civil war

Spain. Another exhumation of the remains of Frankist leaders from the period of the civil war

The bodies of two Francoist leaders during the Spanish Civil War, Gonzalo Queipo de Llano and Francisco Bohorquez, were exhumed Wednesday night from Thursday and transferred from the Macarena Basilica in Seville to family graves in the south of the country.

The entire exhumation was carried out “in just 5.5 hours under the cover of night,” the media reported. During the “discreet” event, there were no demonstrations or difficulties in front of the basilica, noted the “Diario de Sevilla” reporting the exhumation of generals belonging to the leadership of the civil war in Spain from 1936-1939.

“This avoided the media coverage that took place in 2019 during the exhumation of General Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen,” the Spanish newspaper wrote.

The Sanchez government introduced a law to facilitate the exhumation of Frankists

In early October, the minister for the presidency, contacts with parliament and democracy, Felix Bolanos, announced that the center-left government of Pedro Sanchez was going to launch an exhumation procedure for several people associated with Frankism, including Jose Primo de Rivera, leader of the right-wing Falanga organization, shot by Republicans at the start of the civil war.

Bolanos also announced that soon after the entry into force of the new law on remembrance, the Sanchez government plans to launch the exhumation procedure of Generals Gonzalo Queipo de Llano and Francisco Bohorquez. The act that introduced, inter alia, facilitating the exhumation of supporters of Frankism, entered into force on October 19 this year.

Macarena Basilica in SevillePAP / EPA

“There can be no place where there is a tribute to the genocidal killers,” Bolanos said. He added that the exhumed generals were responsible for the executions of 45,000 Spaniards.

The law also cancels all convictions for political, religious or sexual orientation. It also allows the state authorities to promote the search and exhumation of victims buried in mass graves. These are activities that have been dealt with by the associations so far.

“We are paying off a historic debt to the victims of Frankism,” said Paqui Maqueda, president of the association “Our Memory”. “This puts an end to impunity,” she added.

Earlier, the body of General Franco was exhumed

In 2019, the Sanchez government transferred from the abbey in the Valley of the Fallen the remains of former Spanish Prime Minister General Francisco Franco, which had been there since 1975. The exhumation, the prime minister claimed, was necessary because the corpse of “the dictator insulted the memory of the victims of the civil war initiated by Franco”.

Members of Spanish neo-fascist organizations in the Valley of the Fallen (2007)JC HIDALGO / EPA / PAP

Franco’s family considered the exhumation carried out and the transfer of the body to the Mingorrubio cemetery outside Madrid as an act of political revanchism on the part of the Spanish left and an attempt to distract citizens from the current problems of the country.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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