Sousa said I don’t work in training

Sebastian Szymański from the very beginning of his term of office, Paulo Sousa could not count on much. He was definitely not a favorite, indeed, he was very quickly crossed off after one weak match on the right pendulum. Later, it was surprising that Szymański looks good in the Russian league, but he does not receive any appointments. Today is different.

Sousa said I don’t work in training

The Feyenoord player talked a bit about his relationship with Paulo Sousa in Foot Truck. He mentioned that he didn’t really know what the Portuguese was up to:

– Honestly, I don’t know what it was about. But I don’t blame him. I cannot evaluate him as a coach because I was with him only once. It wasn’t that I had any freedom. It was like this: stand by the line and if you get the ball, it’s a throw. It didn’t suit me either. I did not play in my position in the squad and there was no moment when the coach checked me. Then I came a second time but I had an injury and saw that I wasn’t in the plans so I decided to come back to the club to heal her.

The 23-year-old also referred to one situation in training where Sousa had a direct grudge against him. Perhaps it was important, although both gentlemen – as Szymański said – did not have any individual conversation: – Sousa stopped training, said something to Kacper Kozłowski. He didn’t stop training because of me. Then we came to the briefing and the coach said that there are players who do not train as if they wanted to, that they did not run on GPS. It was a training session where I did set pieces, so where am I supposed to run? Later he said that I did not work in training, that I had lost the ball and there was no desire to receive.

Since Czesław Michniewicz is the coach, Sebastian Szymański has been appointed regularly. His position in the squad has completely changed for the better.


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