Social security contributions go up sharply. One government decision was enough

This week, the government surprised everyone and He gave millions of Poles a lavish raise. At the same time, he did it in such a way that he would benefit from it himself. The minimum wage increase (PLN 3,490 from January and PLN 3,600 from July) is costs primarily for companies, and for the state – only profits.

More income tax money will flow into the budget, and higher contributions from employees will flow to the Social Insurance Fund, but not only.

It turns out that the increase in the minimum wage will also directly affect the ZUS contributions paid by entrepreneurs. And these are beginners who are just taking their first steps in business. In 2023, they will have to pay nearly 20 percent. more than before.

ZUS contributions in 2023. How much will they be?

At the beginning, however, it is necessary to explain what the contributory system looks like in Poland. In the case of full-time employees, there is no problem. The amount of contributions depends directly on the amount of your salary. So the more you earn, the more premiums you pay.

The situation is slightly different in the case of entrepreneurs who run a sole proprietorship. Here, the regulations establish minimum amounts of contributions, which do not depend on the income earned by a given micro-company. The exception is the so-called a small ZUS plus, but not everyone can use it.

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