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In recent days, the departure of Sławomir Drabik from Włókniarz Częstochowa has become very loud. A large number of fans of the Częstochowa team were of the opinion that such a situation was caused by the arrival of Maksym Drabik, who is in conflict with his father. Now the 24-year-old has issued a very strong statement in which he revealed the backstage of the dispute.

Some media have long wanted to enter the private life of Maksym Drabik with shoes and instead of focusing on Drabik’s sports activities (and there were many of them), they accused him for his relationship with his father. The contestant never referred to it, but now broke the silence.

At the beginning of a very long entry, the Motor Lublin rider does not hide that he did not want to speak on this matter. Recent events, as well as Drabik’s statements in the media, however, caused his reaction. – For the last few years I did not think that by means of over-colored and subjective words I would be obliged to confront my father once, and today a distant, egocentric, alien man with the help of social media – writes Drabik.

The two-time junior world champion also admitted that the relationship with his father ended radically. Sławomir Drabik was supposed to insult the player’s aunt. The dispute also concerns the family home.

– Besides, not only Paulina was the material form of his sinister, everlasting relationship to the Gliński family. My mother Katarzyna, who had a dark period in her life based on surrendering her sorrows to alcohol, trying to find a cure for the loss of existential foundations, for example in the form of support from her then husband. I have never had a relationship with my mother that I could call beautiful, but at no point in her life she had any evil intentions towards me, on the contrary, when there is an opportunity, she tries to support me by listening to me, and at the same time having an intention to help – continues the speedway rider

– Years ago, without hesitating, she wanted to give me a family home as a gift, P. Sławomir turned out to be the antagonist, who expressed his disapproval saying that he did not trust me. He was always delirious about the smallest details, participating in alcohol feasts and entertaining the company, he did not come to say goodbye to my sick grandmother Elizabeth, who gave me a carefree, lovely, beloved childhood, otherwise I would remain in a pathology based on constant quarrels between the Father and the Mother. So I am afraid that P. Sławomir does not know the values ​​that should accompany the family. Speaking about finances and at the same time alleged losses, P. Sławomir denies that he duly supported me like a loving father everywhere, seeing a lucrative act that I initiated, taking offense at me when I came with the concept of establishing a company with the possibility of my birth certificate – the player points out.

Drabik also touched upon, among others topics related to taking the first steps on speedway and encouraging criticism through the media. Importantly, the rider emphasized that he was speaking on this matter for the last time. We encourage you to read the entire statement that we publish below – Let the words stay here until dawn to be able to read again because I will not refer to this period of my life, never – he concluded (original spelling of quotes – editorial note)

Full statement by Maksym Drabik:

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