Slag. Coastal president pissed at Jensen. “For me it’s just plain dirty” – PoBandzie

Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra just boasted the transfer of three players, which closed the senior team for the 2023 season and will again be the favorite to win the league. Among the new faces was Rasmus Jensen, who had previously agreed the terms of the contract extension with the Gdańsk Coast.

We asked the president of the seaside club, Tadeusz Zdunek, to comment on this matter. – There is basically nothing to comment here. It was agreed that we pay the arrears by Saturday, October 1. Rasmus received the money yesterday and for this reason the people of Zielona Góra were waiting with the announcement of this information. It had to be settled much earlier, because it is not that he made a decision yesterday or the day before yesterday, especially since he is probably in the United States at that moment. This is what the word of a speedway rider is worth – comments the president of Wybrzeże hotly. – So much is worth all our efforts. Mr. Rasmus was giving bodies over and over at the start of the season, as well as the rest of the team, which has already caused some turmoil. Then he drove a few matches better and is already a star, right? – he asks rhetorically.

Will the rest of the players follow the Dane and the demolition of Zdunek Wybrzeże will become a fact? – I really don’t know. Rasmus was the club’s most “friend” player, who was friends with, among others, the club’s director and now this is how he pays us back. I really don’t know what this is about. If you are honest with people with whom you have very good relations, even on a friendly basis, you are informed about leaving – he says.

– Mikkel Michelsen behaved perfectly in a similar situation when he left our ranks. He said directly that he had received an offer (from Motor Lublin – editorial note) that he could not refuse and he had to say goodbye to the club, despite the desire to stay. It was fun and fair back then. We knew about it sooner and could somehow react calmly. Rasmus kept it a secret and charmed that only the Coast mattered and he did not consider any other offer. For me, it’s just plain dirty, it’s not fair. If the word of the speedway rider is worth nothing these days, then this discipline is coming to an end – judges the behavior of the Dane, the president of the coast.

With such a turn of events, will the Coast even start in the league next season? – No, don’t worry about that. We already have a tight budget, so why not take off? We will simply look for other players – our interlocutor concludes.


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