Shoygu reported to Putin. For Russians, this could mean one thing

Shoygu reported to Putin. For Russians, this could mean one thing

The Russian president announced the mobilization decree on September 21. According to information from the TASS agency, 300,000 soldiers were mobilized into the Russian army within 37 days. men, of which only 4.3 percent. they are volunteers. Shoigu reported on Thursday that 82,000. mobilized have already been sent to Ukraine, the remaining 218 thousand. conscripts continue their combat training on training grounds.

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“The deployment of citizens called for mobilization has ended today. The draft of citizens has been suspended. The target you set – 300,000 people – has been achieved. No additional tasks are planned” – said the Russian defense minister during a meeting with Putin. He added that recruiting offices will continue to replenish the armed forces only by recruiting volunteers and candidates for military service on the basis of contracts, reports TASS.

According to Shoygu, after the completion of the training, 82 thousand. conscripts were deployed on the site of the “special military operation”. Of these, over 41 thousand. went directly to military units. The Defense Minister admitted that initially there were problems with the supply of soldiers on the Ukrainian front, but the problem has allegedly been resolved and “arriving troops receive allowances, uniforms, equipment and food in accordance with applicable regulations.”


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