Shoygu at the training ground. The video went viral

The video that appeared on the web shows Shoigu inspecting a training ground in the Russian Western Military District. According to the website “Ukrainian Pravda”, the visit is related to the partial mobilization in Russia announced by Vladimir Putin.

According to the Russian agency RIA Novosti, which informed about the presence of Shoigu on the training ground, the Russian minister “personally inspected the shooting exercises, tactical and medical training”.

The appearance of Shoygu on the training ground is interesting because in the note of the British defense intelligence published at the end of August, one could read that President Vladimir Putin was supposed to remove Shoigu from leading the army. The reason was supposed to be the lack of progress in the war with Ukraine, as well as the low respect of the subordinates who accused the minister of “ineffective and unrealistic leadership”.

The rest of the text is below the video.

Mobilization in Russia

President of Russia On September 21, Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization in a speech broadcast by state television, and the decree he signed made mobilization activities commenced on the same day. He explained that “the West’s goal is to weaken, divide and destroy Russia” and that his country “uses all means at its disposal to defend itself.”

According to the decree, military service covers citizens who are in reserve – primarily those who have served in the armed forces, and have certain military specializations, as well as experience.

Novaya Gazeta on September 22. Jewropa said the secret point 7 of Vladimir Putin’s decree allows the defense ministry to mobilize one million people. Officially, the authorities say about 300,000. people.

Source: Twitter, Onet

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