Shooting near the Western Wall in Jerusalem

According to the Israeli ambulance service, shots were fired towards a bus on the road near the Wailing Wall, as well as in a parking lot near King David’s Tomb, outside the Old Town Zion’s Gate.

Hebrew media reported that the alleged perpetrator was waiting for the bus to arrive and fired shots as passengers boarded.

The recording shows the bus under fire:

“I stopped at the bus stop at King David’s Tomb and then I heard shots, people started screaming, they were injured on the bus,” the bus driver told Ynet news portal.

Ambulance said that medics treated two seriously injured people, as well as five others found to be stable and moderate. There are six men and one woman among the injured.

The alleged attacker fled the scene. Police believe it could have been a terrorist attack.

Source: “The Times of Isrel”

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