Shooting in the USA. Among the victims are children

According to local authorities, an unnamed man alerted by phone about the shooting. It happened at a distance of 97 km from Baltimore in an area where streets with houses are interspersed with wooded areas. Cecil County Sheriff Scott Adams said the victims were a man, a woman, and three children in fifth, seventh, and eighth grades. He did not provide their identity.

“It’s a terrifying day, everyone’s prayers should be appreciated. (…) Every loss (of people) is terrible, but, that much is not a common thing, and certainly not here in Cecil County. It is tragic and terrible. It will take a long time, before it reaches people’s minds, “Adams judged.

As reported by AP, law enforcement officers in the garage adjacent to the building found a semi-automatic pistol next to the dead man. The bodies of the dead they were in different places.

The sheriff declined to answer questions about the motive of the crime. He notified that there was no threat to the community. In accordance with the applicable regulations, the authorities ordered an increased level of readiness in four nearby schools.

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