Shoigu is lying about the losses of the Russian army in Ukraine

Shoigu said in an interview with Russian TV NTV today that 5,937 Russian soldiers were killed in the war in Ukraine. Shoygu did not provide the number of wounded, missing and captured. This is the first official information on casualties since March, when Moscow spoke of 1,351 dead.

Shoygu also claims that Ukraine has lost 100,000. soldiers, i.e. half the size of the army before the start of the war. 60 thousand Ukrainian military personnel have been killed, says Shoigu.

This can not be true. Russia is the offensive side in this war, and it seems unlikely that the Russian army suffered 10 times fewer casualties than the Ukrainian army. By September 21, Russian MediaZone and the British BBC confirmed the deaths of 6,600 Russian soldiers based on data from local media and services in Russia. The publications noted that the collected data did not reflect the actual level of losses and that the number of Russian soldiers buried was probably higher.

In early September, the British Ministry of National Defense estimated that Russia had lost 80,000. people, of which 25 thousand. were killed. In August, the Pentagon said Russia lost 80,000. killed and wounded soldiers. According to the Ukrainian army, the number of Russian soldiers killed exceeds 54,000.

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