Shocking plans of European clubs. They want to play the Champions League hits outside Europe

Top European clubs are looking for a way to increase their income. One of the ideas is to play Champions League matches outside of Europe.

The UEFA executive committee will meet next week. Later, the European Club Association (ECA) will be in session. Themes? The development of football and – more importantly for those interested – ways to increase influence.

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The Athletic says one of the topics will be the organization of selected Champions League matches outside of Europe. The meetings would be held in the United States, China or the Middle East.

Importantly, the idea so far only applies to the matches of the first phase of the Champions League. The originators would like to see hits outside Europe, and not the first better matches.

The initiative is fostered by Nasser Al-Khelaifi – the head of the ECA and a member of the UEFA executive committee. However, it should be expected that fans will protest against it.

A constantly recurring idea is also to play the Champions League final outside of Europe. In recent days, there have again been reports of plans to organize it in the United States.

Such changes are favored by the revolution in the Champions League. From 2024, 36 teams will play in it. The group phase as it stands will also disappear. Instead, in the first round, the competition will take place in the so-called Swiss format.

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