She will add in bold styling. The color of her outfit is the hit of the season!

She will add She regularly shares photos on Instagram with fans, where she presents herself in fashionable stylizations. It has been known for a long time that the artist is at ease with the latest trends and has a great sense of style. The star focuses on bold cuts, dressing blouses and dresses with deep necklines. She is also no stranger to bold colors.

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This time, the star shared a photo taken behind the scenes of the concert on the occasion of the Ich Troje jubilee, where she performed alongside Michał Wiśniewski, performing the song by the group “I will always go to your party”. I must admit that the artist presented herself sensational in her stylization. She chose skirts of the same color with a fashionable cut to the orange fitted blouse. Complete a similar outfit when you are not afraid to choose bold cuts. Such an outfit will be perfect for any summer party and meeting with friends.

See clothes with fashionable cutouts:

Choose orange when you want to feel confident in almost any situation. This energetic color will give you determination and self-confidence. Orange outfits are original and intriguing. If you choose one item of clothing in this color, remember that this one goes well with green, cobalt, white, fuchsia and black. Summer is a special time when you can afford such expressive colors. Let yourself be carried away by the color madness!

Check out the orange colored clothes:

The fans were delighted with Doda’s bold styling:


“So beautiful style”

“I dare say orange is your color, queen” – Internet users wrote.

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