She was born with black spots on her body. This is what a panda girl looks like today

32-year-old Toneka Rogers Robinson and her 34-year-old husband Justin, who live in Dallas, met in high school and have been together for 17 years. The couple dreamed of their family growing. In 2019, Toneka became pregnant, during which she experienced a very serious pregnancy complication – pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, known as HELLP syndrome. In effect kid couples were born prematurely and died four weeks after birth.

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Toneka and Justin were depressed and mourned. When five months later they found out that the woman was back in pregnancy, they were very happy, but after the experiences they had faced, they were also apprehensive. Toneka was examined regularly, and the results were correct each time, which reassured the future parents. They experienced a shock on the day their daughter Jireh was born and saw her for the first time. The whole body of the girl was covered with black birthmarks.

The doctors explained to the couple that the baby was born with CMN, a congenital melanocytic lesion in the skin that results from the abnormal development of pigment cells in the first trimester of pregnancy. Jireh’s parents must take great care to protect their daughter’s skin from the sun, as well as control the birthmarks, because it makes her particularly vulnerable to developing melanoma. The defect affects only about 1 percent. children in the world.

Toneka and Justin have a profile on Instagram, where they post photos of their daughter, and also answer Internet users’ questions about the characteristic spots on Jireh’s body. In one of the comments, they revealed whether the birthmarks can be removed.

They can be removed for medical or aesthetic reasons, but Jireh has so many that it’s not possible

they explained.

In the latest photos on the profile maintained by the girl’s parents, you can see that she is a child full of joy.


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