She was at an Italian disco. “I love this country but it was a disgusting experience” [LIST]

Let us remind you that for several weeks there has been information that unknown perpetrators are attacking people at concerts, discos and festivals in Spain, sticking needles in them. Victims who reported to the police were examined for the presence of intoxicants. They were found in only one case – the affected 13-year-old had MDMA, also known as ecstasy, in her body. Mysterious punctures cannot be associated with sexual attacks or robbery. It is still unknown who is behind the attacks.

Publications from Spain and earlier, incl. from France made our reader Karina recall her experiences at a disco in Italy. Below we publish the entire content of it letter to the editor.

Recently, a lot has been written about mysterious punctures, incl. in discos. As this takes place mainly in countries in the south of Europe, I was reminded of my experiences with dance clubs in Italy, although I will emphasize at the beginning that, fortunately for me, nothing like this happened. I will not come back to Italian clubs for another reason.

Well, a few years ago I was on vacation in one of the small towns in the Emilia-Romagna region. I visit Italy regularly, either with my family or friends. I love architecture, Italian music and of course cuisine. In 2016, my friends from college were spending the weekend there. One of the evenings we decided to go out together to club located near the beach.

First, however, we stopped at the bar next door for a beer. At first everything was fine, we met a group of Italians, we started talking, laughing. When we decided to go to the party it turned out that it was men have to pay for the ticket, women enter for free until midnight. We knew this rule from Krakow, where we often played. Obviously, there are always a lot of men and fewer women, so you have to encourage the company somehow. However, we were a bit surprised because the entrance cost 20 euros, while in Poland it was usually a dozen or so zlotys.

They greeted us at the beginning gigantic crowds. On entering we found out we had a free welcome drink so we walked towards the bar. We noticed the scene where almost naked girls were dancing and I must admit that we were shocked. We thought that such clubs can we can find in Barcelona or Amsterdam, but not in a small Italian town.

We danced to great holiday music, despite the crowds we had a really good time. Suddenly, however, I felt male hands on my back and buttocks, and I pulled away and turned around. The young boy started hugging me. I pushed him away and looked at my friends. It chilled me, I stiffened. We left there to get some oxygen. I felt unpleasant, I cannot describe it.

Nevertheless, we returned to the dance floor. This time a boy started to dance aggressively with my friend. It was disgusting! As I wrote We played in discos in Krakow many times, but I don’t think I had to push someone away. I started looking to see if everyone was having fun like that, because maybe “we were exotic”, fair skin and hair after all … But no, we saw similar actions from a distance.

Moments later we got out of there because the situation started to be really unpleasant.

Quite recently I met a few people from the south of Italy and it was just about clubs. One of the guys said that club parties were like this … always. Firstly, it is expensive, and secondly, unfortunately many guys act like animals …

I don’t want to discourage anyone, maybe your readers have different experiences, maybe they will recommend some places where this is not happening, but I was really so shocked and so disgusted that I would let go of dancing in Italy, and in Spain and France for sure.


Do you have similar experiences? Or maybe you want to share a different story? I am waiting for your comments and reports at: [email protected]

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