She showed what holidays in Crete look like. “I was about 438th in line”

According to Anita Werner, who hosts “Fakty” on TVN, this year Greek Crete was visited by many tourists. The journalist went to the town of Knossos, where she planned to visit the ancient Minoan palace. However, to please the eye with unusual monuments, a tourist had to wait in a long queue.

“I was about 438th in line, but in Knossos I saw everything I wanted. So what’s left of the ancient Minoan palace (see next photos). It was built in 1400 BC! And it was over 17,000 m square meters! At least such extensive traces were discovered in 1905 by Sir Arthur Evans and partially recreated by

– we read in the Instagram post.

I couldn’t count how many people wanted to see the ruins of the Palace of Knossos today. I assume it was tens of thousands. As for the interest in this place, apparently it’s not much. You were? How is your experience? Was it so empty too? “Concludes Werner.

Actress Katarzyna Skrzynecka responded to Werner’s post. “Every year I bring another group of friends to Knossos, joining our Greek team (although we are stationed in the region of Chania …). Once I come, they always come back. with the Sistine Chapel, though thousands of years older!) “- commented.

“I was a week ago. The queue was long, but it is a must see”, “I was in the morning, so few people. But when I left …”, “I recommend Crete in mid-September. Very warm, without crowds You can admire Knossos almost deserted and enjoy it. with the music of cicadas “- read comments from other users.

Source: Instagram

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