She noticed something strange on the chocolate. Her retort is amazing! What does Wedel say

We don’t usually browse labels in stores. We are used to the fact that chocolate weighs 100 grams as standard. Meanwhile, this is not necessarily the case! Without realizing it and without looking at the grammage, we can buy less sweets for the same money.

The topic was taken up on Facebook by Mrs. Michalina, who checked the white chocolate bar. This is what she passed on to E. Wedel.

The price is the same, and the chocolate is less. What is happening with Wedel plates?

Wedel’s chocolate is smaller and the price is the same

– A bar of white chocolate fell into my hand, I was looking for baking. What was my surprise when I held 80 g tablets in my hands instead of 100 g – describes Ms Michalina. She adds that the milk chocolate has also “shrunk”.

– Less weight does not go with lower price, what are the motives for lowering the grammage? – he asks on Facebook.

The company E. Wedel responded quickly. She gave the reason.

– Two years ago, the Ghanaian government introduced an additional fee that it will spend on improving the quality of life of cocoa farmers. We cannot imagine using another cocoa, we also did not want to increase the prices, so we decided to reduce the grammage – we read.

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