She had been on two dates with him. Three months later, she received surprising news

She had been on two dates with him.  Three months later, she received surprising news

She had been on two dates with him. Three months later, she received surprising news

Dating can be one big unknown. There are special dates that quickly have a chance to turn into something permanent, but many first meetings can be a huge disappointment. This is why singles looking for love should be ready for almost anything. One tiktoker found out about it. The girl went on two dates with a man who did not contact her again until three months later. You won’t guess why.

Which one of us hasn’t had a failed date? There can be many reasons for such disappointments, the source of which lies in a potential partner, but sometimes also in ourselves. It turns out that not only the meetings themselves can be surprising, but also the events that took place after them.

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A tiktoker named Adele found out about this and decided to share her unusual story on social media. A girl who goes by the name @adelenothesinger on TikTok described what happened to her.

The rest of the text can be found under the video

He called back unexpectedly after three months

The young woman went on two dates in September, but there was no spark and Adele thought that the acquaintance ended there. Unexpectedly, the man contacted her after three months. He wrote her a message that knocked her off her feet. Tiktokerka showed the content in a video that has been watched by almost 750,000 so far. internet users.

“Hey Adele, how are you? I did a balance sheet of my expenses and saw that I was the one who paid for our dates – in total it came out to about 110 euros. You can send me money on my paypal,” reads the message Adele showed as a screenshot.

“He spent too much money”

Under the girl’s video, a lot of questions immediately appeared, which she replied to the boy. Adele asked him if he was joking. He replied that he was absolutely serious and had simply spent too much money on their two dates. He also added that during such meetings, only one party should not pay and he is used to equality in this matter.

As proof, Adele posted another screenshot of the boy’s response.

Internet users’ opinions were divided. Some were outraged by the boy’s demanding attitude, others decided that dividing the costs in half was the most fair.

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