She had a tremendous trauma and a breakdown behind her. “Gentlemen come and say: leave it alone, we are making a career”

Margaret, i.e. Małgorzata Jamroży, gained recognition as a blogger, and continued her career as a singer and composer. Now she has decided to tell about what happened in her life when she appeared on the covers of newspapers and on the front pages of websites. She shared her story with Karolina Sulej, the author of the book “Ciałaczki”, which was published by the Znak Publishing House.

“She feels as tired as never before. She spent six years in hotels, airplanes and trains, on set of music videos, on the road, promoting new hits. She advertised mobile telephony, a famous soda and soft beer, a brand of shoes and two fashion chains. Margaret became. national good. An export star with flawless English and hits like Rihanna “- we read in” Ciałaczek “.

It turns out there is a dark tale behind the success story.

In her childhood Jamrozy experienced a great trauma. As she notes, she later built her life so as not to have a free moment to think about what had happened to her. “I was raped. As a ten-year-old girl” – she confessed in an interview with Sulej.

We Poles, experienced in wars and crises, did not have a moment in history when we could deal with traumas. And if you don’t have the pain healed, you inflict pain on others. That something like this could happen to me is the result of pathological situations that have built up over the generations

Margaret added.

When she was a teenager and her condition began to deteriorate, her parents sent her to a psychiatrist. Later, she covered her depression with work. “When my first single, Thank you very much, was released on the market, I was on drugs and I had a suicide attempt behind me. And here the gentlemen come and say: leave it, we are making a career. How could I refuse? I chose life.” But in 2019, there was a breakdownand Margaret went to therapy, which helped her work through the trauma.

I would like to detach myself from my dramatic experiences and live. You see, sometimes having a problem is addictive. I got used to living in combat mode (…). Today I know that my whole career was wound patting, I wanted to show my integrity

– she confessed in an interview with Karolina Sulej.

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