She compared the monarchy to the mafia. “Prince Harry experiences it”

Prince Harry on state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II he did not wear a uniform. All because in 2020 he abandoned his princely duties, and with them he was deprived of military titles.

A concession allowed by King Charles III was the possibility of Prince Harry wearing a uniform during the last tribute – the so-called the wake of the princes.

“Prince Harry was counting on earning millions.” But notice how they (Harry and Meghan – ed.) Try to earn these millions – at the expense of the royal family, on celebrity, on attacks. The cool reception they have encountered, this wave of hatred, enormous dislike for Meghan, makes him realize that he is offboard. This is a consequence of their decision – Ewart commented in “Onet Rano”.

– Their famous interview for Oprah Winfrey … It was outrageous, it was a nail in the coffin. If you believe the rumors, the insiders’ messages from the royal palace, the queen plowed up enormously, coinciding with the departure of Prince Philip. It was not the moment, it was not the time – added the journalist.

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