Shadows of Rose in the game. The story “ends the saga of the Winters family”

Capcom is getting ready for the premiere of the first story expansion for Resident Evil Village. Shadows of Rose will debut at the end of October – the newest gameplay focuses on exploration and combat.

The new installment of the acclaimed horror film, which debuted in 2021, was a great commercial success, so no one should be surprised that Japanese developers plan to recall the terrifying history even before the RE4 remake. On October 28, Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose, a DLC set 16 years after the main plot, will be released, will present the action from a third person perspective, and its main character will be Rosemary who wields specific powers.

This year’s Tokyo Game Show was a great opportunity to talk to developers from Capcom, which the IGN editorial team took advantage of. Kento Kinoshita revealed that Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose “will end the Winters family saga.” The story should take about 4 hours.

It seems quite likely that Resident Evil 9 will introduce new characters, but the director did not want to go into details, and only mentioned that “absolutely” cannot reveal any information about the next part.

However, the developer referred to the third-person mode added to the RE Village Gold Edition and admitted that developing a horror movie in a new perspective was quite a challenge providing a completely different experience.

“It took about the same effort as creating a new game. Even the same game can be a completely different experience when played in third person. “

Capcom wanted Resident Evil Village in TPP to offer a similar or even better quality than Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. The creators introduced many “major improvements” to make the adventure as playable as possible and the new animations to be consistent.

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