Severe storms and windstorms in Tuscany. Two people were killed, about 50 injured [NAGRANIA]

The balance of the disaster in Tuscany was announced in the evening by the head of the regional government, Eugenio Giani, in the city of Carrara, one of those who suffered the most in the past hours.

After storms and hurricane winds without electricity, there are 27,000 people in the region. recipients.

The tornadoes have caused damage in Chianti.

Material losses were recorded in three schools in Carrara. As the region’s governor admitted, they may not be opened in mid-September, when the school year begins.

A state of crisis has been introduced in parts of the territory of Tuscany.

Serious damage and paralysis of traffic on roads and some railroads has also been reported in Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, where there were also storms and windstorms. In Venice, fragments of the bell tower of Saint Mark’s Basilica have fallen off.

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