Set the windows to winter mode. You will pay less for heating

Winter mode in windows causes the seal to be pressed more tightly against the window frame. Then less cool air flows inside and we will pay less for heating. If we decide to use the winter mode in the windows, we agree to less air circulation. And in a well-ventilated room, microorganisms develop less well and the risk is reduced allergies and allergies.

To check the mode of operation of our windows, find a thick screw in the sash and see how it is positioned in relation to the seal. The thicker side indicates winter mode, and the narrower side indicates summer mode.

To switch windows from summer to winter mode, we need the right tools, a wrench or a screwdriver will be the best. It’s best to look at the windows and judge which tool will be the best.

Once you locate the screw in the sash, turn it 90 degrees clockwise. In spring, we can reverse the operation to set the windows back to summer mode.

Source:, Onet

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