Serious allegations against the Bishop of Como

The aforementioned Mauro Inzoli was sentenced by a civil court in Cremon to four years and nine months in prison for the sexual abuse of at least five children aged 12-16. This verdict was confirmed by the second instance court. In turn, in the course of a canonical trial conducted by the Vatican, 11 underage boys and two girls brought charges against the former priest. Before the Vatican tribunal, the clergyman rejected this criticism. “A few months later, Cantoni signed a decree which, instead of condemnation, was limited to a five-year suspension, at the same time calling on the faithful to show the spirit of the church to” accompany their children in a motherly way when they make mistakes, “wrote the journal.

The then Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith considered the bishop’s document insufficient, judging that the perpetrator should be removed from the clergy. Bishop Cantoni then issued a new decree, but Inzoli appealed to the Congregation, which, however, rejected the appeal by a majority of votes.

According to the Italian newspaper, Pope Francis ruled that “given the seriousness of the behavior and the resulting scandal,” Inzoli should follow “the path of prayer and humble abstinence as a sign of conversion and penance”, which meant that he would remain a priest.

The journal recalled that in June 2014 the pope instructed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to issue a decree that would stop Inzoli’s expulsion from the clergy. But after this ruling was announced, the perpetrator allegedly used minors again, according to the complaint, which reportedly again reached the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which this time ended with his expulsion from the ranks of the clergy.

The case of card. Cantoni is reminded of the case of another cardinal-nominee, the Belgian bishop. Lucas Van Looy, against whom similar allegations have also been made. In the face of increasing criticism, he admitted that “in his pastoral activities he did not always react with sufficient energy to sexual crimes” and he himself resigned from accepting the cardinal dignity, and the Pope accepted his request on June 16.

Il Messaggero pointed out that no similar action had been taken against the new Cardinal Cantoni, who was otherwise known as “Don Mercedes” because of his love of luxury cars. According to the journal for the bishop of Como, the consistory, where he received the cardinal’s insignia, ran without problems, despite the documentation [na jego temat] located in the secret archives of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith “.

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