Sergio Ramos doesn’t look like this anymore! What a change of PSG footballer [WIDEO]

Sergio Ramos is very active in social media, where he enjoys great popularity. Over 53 million Internet users follow him on Instagram, 38 million on Facebook, and almost 20 million on Twitter. In turn, on TikTok he has already gathered almost 11 million fans. The Spaniard shows his fans with photos and videos related to the ball, as well as private life.

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Sergio Ramos has undergone a metamorphosis. The Spaniard decided to change his hairstyle

The 36-year-old footballer, who was not called up for the Spanish national team games in September, has now found time to undergo a makeover. In recent years, fans of Ramos have got used to his longer hair. Meanwhile, the former Real Madrid star decided to cut himself briefly. “Rebranding” – he wrote on TikTok, where he posted a video of his metamorphosis.

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“Old Ramos returns”, “Dobry come back” – fans wrote in the comments below the recording. Some people mentioned that they got used to his previous hairstyle. Others simply did not believe that the Spaniard decided to return to short hair.


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