Sensual photos of Dereszowska. “No, I didn’t have a swimsuit”

Sensual photos of Dereszowska. “No, I didn’t have a swimsuit”

Anna Dereszowska boasted beautiful frames from her last trip. It turns out that the actress has just returned from Iceland. Dereszowska does not hide her delight with this island.

“I could put dozens of these photos, because trying to catch the beauty of Iceland, we took a lot of photos, but even the best ones do not reflect these wonderful views. No, I did not have a swimsuit and no, I also did not have a towel (which after a while I regretted it very much), but I’d do it again. It was great, but it’s time to go home. See you Iceland, we miss you already– wrote a young mother on her Instagram.

Internet users share the actress’s delight. They are consistently asking for more pictures of this lovely corner of the earth.

Iceland is beautiful at any time of the year, but I recommend it in summer. Lots of colors, flowers, midnight sun… Greetings from Iceland “- one of Dereszowska’s fans summed up this unique place on the map.

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